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Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a health science focused on identifying and maximizing quality of life and potential in the areas of promotion, prevention, treatment/intervention, habilitation and rehabilitation. All these areas have implications for the physical, psychological, emotional and social well-being of individuals.

Therefore, you should resort to Physiotherapy in circumstances where movement and/or function are threatened by problems such as aging, injuries, pain, diseases, disorders, conditions or environmental conditions.

In Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, interventions are very versatile and allow to relieve pain and reduce inflammation, perform functional training and posture correction activities. This type of interventions are always developed with the aim of improving the quality of life and providing well-being to individuals and the population.

Postural correction consists of the assessment and correction of detected postural changes, by stretching and rebalancing the muscles responsible. The treatment is based on an active postural work where, through carefully selected postures, the muscular chains are worked.

Functional training makes it possible to prevent injuries and promote health in general. It is an exercise method that aims to work the whole body, involving mobility, stability, strength, muscular endurance, muscle power, balance, coordination, agility and physical conditioning exercises. Functional training provides:

  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Better sporting performance
  • Body toning
  • Muscle strengthening
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