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Skin Cleansing

Skin cleaning is an aesthetic procedure that can be performed in an individual session or included in a treatment plan. It promotes physiological homeostasis of the integument, prepares the skin for other treatments and enhances the penetration of dermocosmetic principles applied later, guaranteeing a healthier and more hydrated skin.

It provides:

  • Elimination of impurities
  • Oil control
  • Aid in the treatment of acne, marks and/or blemishes (hyperpigmentations)
  • Aid in improving signs of aging and dehydration

In a treatment plan, skin cleansing will always be the first step and can be repeated over time, depending on the needs and objectives of each client.

Work areas: Skin cleansing is usually performed on the face, however we can replicate the process for the neck and neck areas, as well as the back, depending on the individual needs of each client.

No. of sessions: The number of sessions is variable, accordingly to the needs of each client. It is usually performed 2 to 3 times a year but depending on the problem it may be necessary to resort to this treatment several times throughout the year.

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