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Exfoliation & Body Hydration

At Clinica da Farma&cia your well-being is one of our top priorities and, as the skin is our biggest organ, it is therefore essential to guarantee the best care in order to preserve its integrity, leaving it rejuvenated and soft.

In order to relax your body, we have available an approach that combines two phases: the first consisting of an exfoliation and the second a hydration.

Exfoliation is a procedure that should be performed regularly, as it promotes cell regeneration and increases the permeability of the active principles used in the process, resulting in an aid to skin hydration and providing greater smoothness.

In exfoliation, we use a granular substance that allows us, through specific movements, to comfortably exfoliate the skin and prepare it to receive the second phase: hydration. Proper active principles are applied, always according to the needs of each skin, to ensure proper nutrition and hydration. This is the time to relax and let us offer you the attention and care you so much deserve.

After this experience, your skin becomes more luminous, more even and more hydrated. In short, you get healthier skin.

Each session of this treatment lasts from 40 to 45 minutes.

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