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  • depilação a laser, tratamento para remoção de pelo para mulher e homem e todos os tipos de pele
Hair Removal

Laser Milesman (Laser Díodo)

Depilation, or more accurately diode laser epilation, is a progressive hair removal technique in any region of the body or face, and in any skin tone (from white to black skins).

This procedure and equipment are scientifically proven, eliminating up to 90% of hair and providing results in the first session.

Laser hair removal with this technique is a lasting solution as it does not require frequent maintenance, unlike the most common methods. After the treatment phase has ceased, it is generally only necessary to carry out one maintenance session per year. This condition is extremely convenient, especially in times like summer.

Work areas: Epilation can be carried out in almost all anatomical regions of the body and face, always depending on the individual needs of each client and an assessment.

No. of sessions: The number of sessions is variable, accordingly to the needs of each client, the color and thickness of the hair and the phototype. It usually varies between 6 to 8 treatments.

Frequency of treatment: Usually, 1 session per month.

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