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Beauty Adviser

Beauty Adviser (or dermocosmetic adviser) is the professional responsible for providing a personalized dermocosmetic counseling service in matters of image and skin care, with a view to preventing changes in the condition and status of the skin.

Counseling is always carried out according to the specifics of each person and, therefore, it is completely personalized.
This service allows you to understand how your skin is doing and what care you should take on a daily basis to stabilize it, ensuring you are monitored throughout the entire process.

The functions of a Beauty Adviser are:

  • Use of skin type diagnosis techniques, advice on suitable products and demonstration of the respective facial application;
  • Providing adequate advice in terms of routine and application of dermocosmetics products;
  • Specification of the recommended personal care, registered in personalized plans that are delivered to you;
  • Providing make-up advice and carrying out different types of make-up services, offering tips to bring out the best in you and disguise any imperfections in your skin.
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